About A Course in Braille Music

Many good textbooks have been written on the subject of Braille Music. Still, in my early years of teaching music to visually impaired pupils in Dublin, I found the need for a more simple and orderly book. This would have the teacher in mind, in particular the teacher in an ordinary school, who might have a class of twenty including one or two blind pupils. The teacher will have access to a book such as the New International Manual of Braille Music Notation, published by the Braille Music Subcommittee of the World Blind Union.
There are obviously differences in Braille music notation and Print Music notation. Among these is Octave Signs in Braille. When it was explained to one curious student that 4th Octave C [in Braille] translated as first leger line below the Treble stave [in Print], he commented “What a weird way of doing things.”
A friend and former student has described A Course in Braille Music as a book with “No frills, no trills”.